What in TAR-nation?

Went to the beach today.  Absolutely beautiful.  Emma has become such a great swimmer, she’s like a fish. I’m hoping that turns into Olympic gold someday or a college scholarship.  

While the kids were swimming we saw dolphins swimming close to where we were.  So, I got up to tell Emma and to see the dolphins better.  As I approached the waves I felt something squish between my toes.


I can never leave well enough alone, so I reached down to pull it off.  Bad idea.  Just got tar on my hands.  So, the group I was with gave me several suggestions for removing the tar.  Courtney suggested mayonnaise, but the other suggestions were caustic, alcohol, acetone, turpentine.  Upon our return home I weighed my options and thought, I’m going to try the mayo first.  My poor dry feet cringed at the other options, but if the mayo didn’t work that’s what I’d do.  

BUT the mayo worked!  I couldn’t believe it.  So thank you very much Courtney.  You are a foot (and hand) saver.  A miracle!



Off to New Joysy!  Yippie.

Fun with Cash

Friday Emma and I joined the Cash Clan at Disneyland.  So much fun.  David and I had dinner plans that night so I left and Emma stayed with the clan.  She went home with her friends and had her third sleep-over.  Is it strange that it’s only been three?  And I missed her, ALOT!  Our family has a circle of dependence.  We’re all so needy for each other.  Even Portia.  Can anyone suggest a good therapist?

She was right


A while back Mary wrote a post about mascara. In particular Cover Girl’s LashBlast. Well, she was right. I have had the worst luck with mascara in the past. I have tried the gamut from super expensive to drug store cheap. My biggest complaint is how obvious it looked and it wasn’t pretty. Well I have found the answer; no clumpy, spider legs, nasty with this. I can honestly say I tried it with much skepticism. Nothing else worked why would this? When the result was full, dark lashes I became a believer. The icing: it’s CoverGirl. I can buy it when I’m at Target and it won’t break the bank. Thanks Mary!!! CoverGirl should send you royalties.



Due to technical difficulties and travel, a be-lated Merry Christmas to all.

I am so proud of our Christmas card this year I had to share it. For more info on the talent behind this master piece go here.

Also, I must thank DZ, AZ’s husband for taking the picture of our family.

Phillips Phun

Last weekend I was able to visit my friend Mary. Her identical twins are turning one this month! She also has another little girl who just recently turned 3. Mary is superwoman and then some. She is also one of my longtime friends that I couldn’t live without. You are too far away Mary.

(ps I think I have the right name with the right twin. Mary?)

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Tee Hee





From Encyclopedia Dramatica

To Rickroll is to intentionally misdirect one to a video from 80s pop singer Rick Astley. This tactic gets its name in part from the duckroll through the similar intent of a pissing off everyone by deception. Not to be confused with a Barrel roll

No one is safe from the Rickroll, not even in your schools


Rickrolling began on 4chan’s /v/ on the day of Grand Theft Auto 4’s official website premier. However, due to heavy traffic on the website, it was impossible to witness the trailer for quite some time, and with this, anonymous took it upon himself to link everyone to a supposedly leaked trailer hosted on Youtube:

Rickrolling has become really popular outside of 4chan, now there are radio hosts rickrolling callers on ebaumsw0rld.
When asked on other places on the interweb, 4chan will most likely not be your answer. Many website communities will try to take ownership of the Rickroll, such as GameFAQs claiming that the Rickroll started on the Halo 3 board. WoWfags also lay claim to the rickroll, and have beaten it to old meme death on their forums twice as fast as 4chan ever could have.


We went to Disneyland recently and saw something we had never seen there before. It was so impressive.  I got some video of it. You have to see this!



Recently, the son of my good friend was diagnosed with autism. The number of children with autism is rapidly growing and research is hugely underfunded. Consider the following statistics.

Leukemia affects 1 in 25,000. Private funding : $310 million
Pediatric Aids affects 1 in 8,000. Private funding: $394 million
Autism affects 1 in 150. Private funding: $15 million

If you are so compelled please follow this link to a short video on the subject. With each viewing $1 is donated to research for autism.
What Kind of World Do You Want

Moving Forward

I’ve been trying to write something about Judson’s memorial for a couple days now and it’s always too much. His mother wrote the following, and she sums up many my feelings as well.

Dear family and friends…

The last several days have been very difficult, but we continue to be significantly touched by amazing love and support, near and far.

We are tremendously grateful to all who took time out on Veteran’s Day to memorialize our precious boy. We were moved by the presence of so many and believe that both Jud and our Father in Heaven were honored well. Thank you!

Today was Judson’s graveside service and burial, attended by family. The reality that we have been called to let go of our sweet boy hit very hard as his casket was lowered into the grave. Our hearts are grieving more that can be expressed in words. We have a long, sorrowful journey ahead of us, but are so grateful that we are not walking alone.

Even in the midst of our significant pain, it has been impressed upon our hearts that the Lord is worthy of praise; we trust Him. In the coming weeks and months, we will be doing a lot of wrestling with God and trying to understand how He has been speaking to us, but one thing we know—He is good and He loves us. The Lord has already redeemed Judson’s pain and affliction in unexpected ways, and we will continue to watch and see how He will do so in the future.

For those of you who were not at the memorial service, I have posted the slideshow and video of his life on YouTube. Here are the links:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw-6UD7qRos

Slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIU-DDhiBl0

I have also posted Drake’s and my eulogies and our closing prayer on MySpace: http://blog.myspace.com/levasheff

Though Judson’s life has ended here on earth, his story is definitely not over. I will be doing a lot of writing as we process through this next phase of our lives. In fact, in the near future, we plan to develop a website to chronicle Jud’s story and this journey.

Many people have asked about how they can donate money in honor of Judson. We are collecting information about a few organizations that have impacted us during this season, and we will post details soon. Thank you to all who want to pay tribute to him in this way!

We love and miss our Jud the Stud SO much!

Christina (on behalf of Drake & Jessie too)

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