We’ve gone to a land down under

Feels like vacation, but not. We haven’t been able to do much vacation type activities because we’re not on vacation, but my brain won’t accept that this is permanent. It’s gorgeous here. I want to be on vacation. I also want to go home in a week, when the vacation is over. This time and space is always strange. The adjustment period. Where everything is new and unfamiliar. Where things slowly begin to focus, and you can start to put pieces in their place. Finding your way, getting used to whats available in the local shops, driving on the left, the new social norms. I know that one day these will be second nature and comfortable, but until then I’m in the adjustment period. This time is uncomfortable and challenging. I know it’s good for me. I’ve done this enough to be okay with it. I’m interested to see how the kids do. So far, not bad. But they are in vacation mode. School will start soon, we’ll move into a home that is more permanent. I pray it is smooth for them and that this is will be an experience that shapes who they are for the better.

Yesterday we attended The Street Church. Amazing how Jesus can make anywhere feel like home.